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The Plan - an update!

A few updates to my 500 race miles plan to share with you - always subject to change (as is everything these days!). Most notably, it now looks like my 500 miles has accidentally crept up to 524.6 miles...but all for an excellent cause. Please dig deep and help support Chloe and her family, by clicking here.

**VIRTUAL** Saturday 22nd August 2020: The Greenman Ultra (Summer) -- 45 miles

This has moved to a 'virtual' status. What does this mean? Well it doesn't mean I get to just imagine doing it...instead my coach (Ash) gets to run it with me along with some other unwitting Kinetic Sports athletes (hi Craig and Lauren!), and we have to get by without the hordes of spectators (ok, ok - the small huddle of obligated family members). My heavily pregnant girlfriend will be traipsing the countryside with peanut butter sandwiches to offer some semblance of 'checkpoints' and although there won't be the comraderie of all the other runners on the day (we're allowed to run it at any point in August), we'll follow the same route and receive the same recognition on completion.

**CANCELLED** Sunday 27th September 2020: Great Bristol Half Marathon

Saturday 17th October 2020: Gower Ultra 50 -- 50 miles

Friday 6th to Sunday 8th November 2020: The Druid's Challenge -- 84 miles

**NEW** Sunday 15th November 2020: Paris Marathon -- 26.2 miles

This does make November a pretty intense month, but this is a marathon I've always wanted to run and better still, I get to run it with my sister, Fi (pictured!)

Sunday 29th November 2020: San Sebastian Marathon -- 26.2 miles

Sunday 24th January 2021: Funchal Marathon -- 26.2 miles

Saturday 6th to Sunday 7th February 2021: Pilgrim Challenge -- 66 miles

Saturday 6th March 2021: The Greenman Ultra (Winter) - 45 miles

Friday 2nd April to Monday 12th April 2021: MARATHON DES SABLES - 156 miles

To donate to the #Quest4Chloe cause, please click here: DONATE NOW.

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