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Hero Wipes are on board - meet one of my sponsors

You’ll see on the Homepage the Hero Wipes logo.  "Who are those guys," I hear you say, and, "does the owner wear a cape?"

He may as well do. Hero Wipes is a start-up company owned and run by Paul Bayliss (pictured); my most entrepreneurial and - according to my sister - 'best-looking' mate.

Paul, (or 'Bayliss' as I shall now continue to call him, because I can’t remember the last time I actually called him ‘Paul’), is a real-life hero.  No cape but a definite hero: he’s an operational firefighter.  Through his service he became interested in post-fire hygiene. He committed to help educate other firefighters to ensure they kept clean and healthy and therefore enjoy a longer career in the fire service.

Why?  Because our firefighters aren't just at risk from the immediate threat of a fire; in fact, cancer is the leading cause of death in firefighters, due to their consistent first-hand exposure to carcinogenic chemicals. 

Bayliss saw the opportunity to work with a company to put his knowledge of the risk together with a product that could save lives.  Hero Wipes was formed as the best on-scene decontamination system that isolates and removes harmful toxins and carcinogens. 

The other reason Bayliss is a hero is because he started Chloe's ‘Go Fund Me’ page and has been a leading proponent in our group of friends, pulling around Jamie, Lisa, William and of course, little Chloe.  Top man.

Bayliss has come on board my 500 mile fundraising efforts, helping me fund some of my equipment for the challenge and offering helpful insight where needed. It is a greatly appreciated and much needed part of this journey, so please help spread the Hero Wipes word: find his website here and go give him a follow on Instagram: @myherowipes.

To donate to the #Quest4Chloe cause, please click here: DONATE NOW.

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