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Starting in August 2020 and ending with the notorious Marathon Des Sables in April 2021, I will run 500 miles of official marathons and ultra marathons around the world, to raise money for Chloe.


Chloe’s Story - Chapter 6

This has been a long time coming - the final chapter in Chloe’s back story from Chloe’s Dad, Jamie. Except of course, it’s not the final chapter, it’s only the beginning. With your kind donations and support, we can improve this little girl’s life, and that of her family. Thank you, as always, for reading and if you missed Chapter 5, please click here to catch up. Chloe is amazing; she is so bright, alert and engaging, with a huge beautiful smile that lights up the room. S

Chloe's Story - Chapter 5

Thanks for reading this important story; if you missed Chapter 4, please click here to catch up, otherwise, over to Jamie once again: How should I feel? We were supposed to walk out of Worcester Royal hospital with twins but instead we walked out of Bristol St Michael’s 10 weeks later with the knowledge that we were likely to have a severely disabled daughter. Do I feel grateful that she survived? Some parents with a single pregnancy walk out with no child - was I supposed t

Chloe's Story - Chapter 4

This week (9-15 October) is Baby Loss Awareness Week. Throughout the week, bereaved parents and their families and friends unite with others around the world to commemorate the lives of babies who died during pregnancy, at or soon after birth, or during infancy. Chapter 4 of Chloe's Story is painfully poignant this week, as her Dad, Jamie, shares his difficult memories of the loss of her twin sister, Phoebe. For more information on the campaign, please click here. We got

Chloe's Story - Chapter 3

Chapter 3! The first two chapters are on the blog if you missed them. Thanks Jamie, over to you... We arrived in Bristol in the early hours at Saint Michaels hospital, were shown to a side room and told to rest before we met with the surgeon. Chloe was taken straight to the Bristol Children’s Hospital for the surgery. When the surgeon arrived, we had to agree to the surgery and sign to say we knew that there was a very strong chance that Chloe may not return from that sur

Chloe's Story - Chapter 2

The second installment of Chloe's Story is now here...if you missed Chapter 1, do go back to the previous blog post to catch up! Back over to Jamie, Chloe's Dad: What do you do? We had just lost one daughter, the other one was fighting for her life: the inner conflict this situation created was difficult to contend with. My first reaction was a practical one - even though the pain, shock and heartbreak would have been etched all over my face, there felt like no time for mo

Chloe's Story - Chapter 1

I wouldn't be running 500 race miles in a year if it wasn't for a good cause; many of you have already heard a little bit about Chloe and her family, but now the first race is under my belt I thought it time to run a feature on the blog over the coming weeks and months, covering her story in a little more detail. Who better to fill us in, than her Dad? Over to you Jamie... Hi, I’m Jamie, Chloe’s father. I am honoured to have been asked by Rob to be a guest writer for his

Lockdown Locks for Chloe

What started as a joke between old school friends became a fantastic unifying experience that has not only raised more than £800 (and counting!) for Chloe's equipment, but also helped a group of middle-aged men lose their inhibitions about hair loss...everyone looks considerably better (albeit a bit more egg-shaped), and all for a good cause! #LockdownLocksforChloe #iwouldrun500miles #Robwouldrun500miles #Quest4Chloe20 #MarathonDesSables21 To donate to the #Quest4Chloe cause,

Why I'm Here - Chloe's Story

This is four year old Chloe. Born 10 weeks premature, weighing under three pounds and having suffered the tragic loss of her twin sister, Phoebe, Chloe had a difficult start. Although born with little sign of life, she was thankfully revived but had suffered a considerable brain injury. She spent the first few weeks of her life in and out of hospital undergoing surgery and was soon diagnosed with Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy and Global Developmental Delay. Chloe's incredible



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