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All to raise funds for Chloe

Starting in August 2020 and ending with the notorious Marathon Des Sables in April 2021, I will run 500 miles of official marathons and ultra marathons around the world, to raise money for Chloe.

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The Plan - an update!

A few updates to my 500 race miles plan to share with you - always subject to change (as is everything these days!). Most notably, it now looks like my 500 miles has accidentally crept up to 524.6 miles...but all for an excellent cause. Please dig deep and help support Chloe and her family, by clicking here. **VIRTUAL** Saturday 22nd August 2020: The Greenman Ultra (Summer) -- 45 miles This has moved to a 'virtual' status. What does this mean? Well it doesn't mean I get

A different challenge: Running When Pregnant

I've found it really interesting logging the challenges and achievements through my training plan so far, but my partner Sophie has been realising her own running difficulties (and resilience!) on quite a different journey: pregnancy. We're so looking forward to welcoming another member of the family at the start of October but in the meantime, here's Sophie to talk about how she's packing in the miles with a baby on board... When I fell pregnant in January, I likely reacted

Let's hear from the Coach! Sponsor Focus: Kinetic Sports

I've mentioned my incredible coach, Ash Tuck, in previous posts and am thrilled to have him on the blog, giving a little more detail on his company, Kinetic Sports. Over to you Ash... Hard intervals, pyramid sets, time trials: just some of the “fun” Thursday night sessions we routinely sink our teeth into on ‘The Hill’ at Bitton Road Runners. It was during one of these sessions that I first met Rob, immediately trying to gauge his ability and deciding that I could beat him t

The Rise of the Ultra Runners: Advice from the Pros

As part of my training for the 500 race miles, I needed some literary inspiration. Having bought three books, I've now finished Adharanand Finn's, "The Rise of the Ultra Runners". To be clear, this isn’t a book review but I wanted to share some thoughts that this book evoked; most notably, some great running memories and observations from my own ultra running journey. The kindness (and sometimes oddness) of strangers.  Straight off the bat, Finn describes a guy taking a

Hero Wipes are on board - meet one of my sponsors

You’ll see on the Homepage the Hero Wipes logo.  "Who are those guys," I hear you say, and, "does the owner wear a cape?" He may as well do. Hero Wipes is a start-up company owned and run by Paul Bayliss (pictured); my most entrepreneurial and - according to my sister - 'best-looking' mate. Paul, (or 'Bayliss' as I shall now continue to call him, because I can’t remember the last time I actually called him ‘Paul’), is a real-life hero.  No cape but a definite hero: he’s an o

Why run? My running story.

Running is often a passion project for people - there's usually a reason why they started running, or continue to run, and I'm no different. In my late 20's whilst playing football, I ruptured my anterior cruciate ligaments on both knees.  Anyone who has had the same experience will know about the rehab and what it means for ‘twisting and turning’ - my footballing and martial arts days were firmly over. Soon after, one of my best friends from school, Grant, asked me if I want

The Plan.

A run down of the 500 officially recorded miles* I'm booked to run over the next 12 months: *Totalling more than 500 miles...and not including training runs!!! Saturday 22nd August 2020: The Greenman Ultra (Summer) Distance: 45 miles (72km) Location: Bristol perimeter Elevation: 3,100 feet (945m) Start Time: 0800 Cut-off: 12 hours No. Checkpoints: Four Sunday 27th September 2020: Great Br

Lockdown Locks for Chloe

What started as a joke between old school friends became a fantastic unifying experience that has not only raised more than £800 (and counting!) for Chloe's equipment, but also helped a group of middle-aged men lose their inhibitions about hair loss...everyone looks considerably better (albeit a bit more egg-shaped), and all for a good cause! #LockdownLocksforChloe #iwouldrun500miles #Robwouldrun500miles #Quest4Chloe20 #MarathonDesSables21 To donate to the #Quest4Chloe cause,

Why I'm Here - Chloe's Story

This is four year old Chloe. Born 10 weeks premature, weighing under three pounds and having suffered the tragic loss of her twin sister, Phoebe, Chloe had a difficult start. Although born with little sign of life, she was thankfully revived but had suffered a considerable brain injury. She spent the first few weeks of her life in and out of hospital undergoing surgery and was soon diagnosed with Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy and Global Developmental Delay. Chloe's incredible

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